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What is Smoothly

Smoothly is a tool that gives home stakers the ability to pool together their execution layer rewards (tips + MEV) from block proposals. This gives access to the mean reward and distributions at regular intervals. Stakers can change the fee recipient address in their validator client to our pool contract address, register to our contract, and claim their share of rewards every 21 days.

What makes us different

  • Trust minimized: A single entity should not have the ability to manipulate your rewards. There are 6 oracle operators reaching consensus on the state of registrants. Meet them here.

  • Not for profit: Smoothly is designed as a sustainable public good. The pool fee (1.5%) is split equally between all oracle operators to cover hard costs. The Smoothly team takes no additional fee.

  • Open source: In the spirit of Ethereum, everything we've built is open source. Feel free to contribute, test, fork, whatever you like.

  • We're realists: App layer smoothing pools may not be needed in 2-4 years. We see this project as a bridge between today and when a similar mechanism is enshrined in the protocol. We're actively contributing to that effort!

About Us

This open source project was built when we recognized a need for home stakers to remain competitive in the staking marketplace. As a home staker, Kody (Kodys.eth) wanted to build a simple, no frills, MEV smoothing pool that requires no additional monitoring software to be installed on the staking machine. Simply change the fee recipient in your validator to our contract, register to the contract with your funding or withdrawal address, sit back, and watch the rewards accrue.

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