Relay Monitoring

Monitoring relays

In addition to monitoring the beacon node api for validators subscribed to our pool, we monitor the relays for updated 'validator_registration'. By monitoring this, we're able to catch any changes made to the fee recipient address. For this reason, we're requiring the use of mevboost by all validators subscribed to the pool. If the protocol does not recognize that a validator is registered with the relay, or that the latest validator registration returned is associated with an incorrect fee recipient, that validator will be excluded from rewards cycles until the fee recipient is updated.
The advantages for requiring MEV boost are:
  1. 1.
    Higher rewards for pool members.
  2. 2.
    Helps us detect quickly the change of a validators feeRecipient through the relay registration.
Registration with one of the following 6 relays is required to be included in the rewards cycle. More relays will be added as their api responses become reliable.

Check relay api before subscribing to the pool

Want to verify your relay registration before joining the pool? Easy-peasy, just copy and past the url of the relay you're using into your browser and input the public key associated with your validator.