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This is a guide to register your Ethereum mainnet validators to the smoothing pool! Please reach out HERE with any bugs you encounter, questions or concerns, or just to show us some love. Note: If you've just fired up your validator, make sure you've hit your Activation Epoch before joining Smoothly!

  1. We’re live and smoothing rewards for Mainnet Validators, users connect to our contract using Head there and connect your wallet. You may connect with either your withdrawal address or your deposit address.

  1. Once you’ve connected, your validator indexes will auto-populate in the table. Click the "subscribe" box associated with validator(s) that you want to register. Note that once you subscribe validators with a certain address (withdrawal or deposit), this cannot be changed unless you request an exit from the pool.

  1. Read this next pop up carefully, check the disclaimer boxes after you’ve read them, and click the “Deposit ETH and subscribe” button. Note that the fee recipient address in your validator client needs to be changed to the contract address listed in the disclaimer box to ensure that tips and MEV are sent to the pool. Additionally, make sure that you're using one of the monitored relays. PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK THE ADDRESS to ensure that you are not penalized for proposing with the incorrect fee recipient. Also, the 0.5 ETH bond is per validator, not per user; so in order to register 2 validators, you’ll need to deposit 1 ETH as bond.

Set your --fee recipient to the pool address below!


Want to verify your relay registration?? Check this out!

  1. Congrats! You're now in the pool! Your validators status will show pending until you propose your first block. You'll begin to accrue rewards now, and these will become claimable upon a successful block proposal. Its worth noting that the Unclaimed column will only update after each reward cycle (every 21 days). While pending, make sure not to miss a block or propose with the incorrect fee recipient because your accrued rewards will be sent to the pool!

  1. Once you propose a block, the validator status will change to “Active”, and all of the accrued rewards will become claimable. Additionally, once the status is Active, you’ll be able to claim rewards at 21 day intervals going forward.

  1. Familiarize yourself with our penalties section. If you're validator's status is active, and you propose with an incorrect fee recipient, your entire bond will be added to the pool and that validator will be expelled from Smoothly.

  1. If you want to exit the pool, all you have to do is request an exit, wait until the current rewards cycle is complete, then withdraw your bond. It's worth noting that if you request an exit while your validator's status is "Pending", your accrued rewards will be sent to the pool.

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